The voice of Izzy, Ana Sani, comes to Eponafest!

Some of you went very close, but nobody guessed it!
Straight from Bridlewood, for the FIRST TIME IN EUROPE  we have the honour to announce IZZY’s english voice actress, Ana Sani’s presence at EponaFest 2023!
This year’s convention keeps getting better, and it’s just the beginning!

Check her out at our

Art by @LightsArt1

Meet our new Musicians! Prince, Blackened, Biscuit and Deus!

And the music keeps on coming! 🎉 🎶

We have a big announcement for a total of 4 musicians coming to Eponafest 2023!

  • Blackened Blue!
  • Biscuit!
  • Deus!
  • Prince Whateverer!

Still not enough music for you? Well, stay tuned! and checkout our 😏😍

Art by @MekBlueART

Eponafest new mascotte and theme announced

What a plot twist! We are proud to introduce to the world our beautiful pasta queen Reginette!!!
She will bring you lots of fun and great food to EponaFest, you can’t miss that out!!!

Eponafest 2023: Italian food🍝

Comic by Ginjallegra , MekBlueART , LightsArt1


Hello Everycreature!

Last year being all together was awesome, and we want to push it further with this new edition of EponaFest.

But due to the inflation, the increasing cost of living and the difficulties caused by Covid-19 we’re struggling to make this edition even more MAGICAL.

To ensure that everything goes fine and even better than the last year, we’re launching a Crowdfunding on GoFundMe.

For more info and the GoFundMe page, click here!

Announced dates and location for Eponafest 2023! We’ll be back the 20-21st of May in Milan!

We are super excited to announce that EponaFest 2023 is happening! So everypony, we will see in Milan on 20-21 of May !
We are also happy to continue our collaboration with Starhotels Business Palace in Milan!
Milli is euphoric and we are too! Are you with us?


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