General infos

Last updated: 21/10/2023

EponaFest 2024

Let us introduce ourselfs…

  • EponaFest is an international convention that will take place in Pescara, Abruzzo, Italy! More precisely in Montesilvano (PE)
  • It will last two days! 22th Saturday and 23th Sunday of June 2024
  • Eponafest will feature guests from all around the fandom and possibly local guests from Italy!
  • We will also have a big concert on Saturday night!
  • Eponafest will also feature all the classical convetion stuff! For example, Community Panels, Fan Merchanding and more importantly, fun.

Where are you???

What are your guests!?

  • Wait a little bit longer! Too soon.👀

Where are the tickets??

  • Here they are, have a look! 👀

Applications when?

  • Here they are, have a look! 👀