Convention Rules

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Rules of Conduct

  • Do not harass, ridicule or bully visitors, guests, convention staff and hotel staff.
  • Do not approach the Guests of Honor in their downtime. They need their rest as well, so please, give them space!
  • Animals are not allowed in the venue, except for guide dogs and similar pets that you depend on for your wellbeing.
  • Any spoken or visual display of political beliefs or affiliation with political parties, individuals, (loose) groupings or movements is forbidden, as well as any kind of political advertisement. This especially includes badges, flags, manifests, posters or uniforms. In addition, wearing uniforms as an expression of political beliefs may be considered a criminal offense according to Italian law. Any reference to symbologies related to fascism/nazism are forbidden, since they are illegal in Italy.
  • Hate speech against any kind of minority is forbidden.

Security and Emergency Situations

  • You are expected to adhere to all orders given by the convention and venue staff as well as the volunteers.
  • If you ever find yourself in a difficult situation, don’t hesitate to ask the staff for help. Don’t try to solve it on your own! Please let the security team or other staff take care of it instead.
  • Emergency exits must always be usable. Don’t get in the way of volunteer and medical assistance.
  • In case of fire please follow the emergency exit signs across the venue.
  • Never try to extinguish a fire on your own.

Weapons, Clothing and Imagery

  • All kinds of harmful weapons, replica weapons, soft air guns, blunted swords, anything explosive, brass knuckles, knives or any other weapon which can inflict serious injury are prohibited as required by Italian law.
  • Spike collars and bracelets are only allowed if the spikes are shorter than 7cm / 2,75 inches and blunt.
  • LARP weapons, foam weapons and any other weapons meant for safe usage have to be revised by the EponaFest staff.
  • Uniforms or military badges of any kind are prohibited regardless of their historic, national, or political classification. This also includes parts of uniforms. People who are entitled to wear uniforms such as officials or public servants are excluded from this regulation as required by Italian law.
  • Any symbols, media, depictions, performances, or writings presented in the venue which are illegal, such as promoting illlegal action, glorifying violence, and promoting public erotic or suggestive rappresentations are forbidden as required by Italian law.

Youth Protection

  • All visitors must always carry an official, valid ID.
  • The convention staff can request to see your ID at any time.
  • Visitors up to the age of 14 must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian.
  • Visitors under the age of 16 not accompanied by a parent or legal guardian must leave the con area at 10 pm.
  • Alcohol and smoking inside the venue are forbidden at all times. Smoking, including electronic cigarettes, is ONLY allowed outside the venue. Drunk visitors will be expelled from the convention.
  • All kinds of hookahs are prohibited.
  • Any sexual public behaviour is forbidden. Any sexual behaviour against minors or a non consensual person will be immediately reported to the authorities and the person will be expelled and blacklisted from the convention.

Food and Drink

  • You are not allowed to bring food from outside the hotel, except for snacks, such as fruits, candy bars, bonbons or chips.
  • You are allowed to carry water and juices with you in the venue. Sodas and soft drinks can be bought at the hotel bar.
  • No food and soft drinks are allowed in the panel and vendor rooms, except for vendors at their table.

Liability and Lost Items

  • Italian-Swiss Bronies APS does not take any responsibility and cannot be held liable for damages of any kind on objects, including material damages, thefts, or losses during the event.
  • Lost items that have been found during the event will be kept for one year, afterwards they will become property of Italian-Swiss Bronies APS. The owner bears all costs for shipping of lost and found items.
  • Furthermore, Italian-Swiss Bronies APS won’t investigate the owner of lost and found items.
  • The exclusion of liability does not apply in case of culpable or gross negligent behavior of Italian-Swiss Bronies APS.

Access to the Convention

  • Access to the convention is only granted with a valid ticket.
  • All visitors must obey the rules of conduct and the Italian laws. We won’t tolerate ignorance of the rules or the laws.
  • Third persons who are neither acting on behalf of a public authority nor as a journalist and who intend to access the venue for the purpose of an investigation, survey, raising data, filming, taking photos or for similar purposes, need to register before accessing the venue.
  • Registration must include information on the main intended activity, as well as its exact purpose and all parties that will receive the collected data or records.
  • In case of any law violation, false declarations or incomplete information, visitors will be immediately reported to the authorities.
  • Journalists, after announcing themselves to the convention staff, can access the venue, take interviews and take photos and make audio or film recordings.
  • For the containment of COVID 19 pandemic and the related regulations we advise you to check the dedicated page on our website:

Facility Regulations

  • Each participant must abide by the rules of the host establishment. The staff members will ensure the general observance of the facility’s regulations.

Purpose of Sold Goods

  • Any goods sold by Italian-Swiss Bronies APS online or at the convention have the sole purpose to finance the convention itself and/or for charity.


  • All data collection will take place in accordance with the Legislative Decree 51/2018, in particular:
  • The data provided will only be processed for legal and security reasons. The data will be processed using the following methods: electronic database.
  • The data will remain on the computer media until the end of the event or, in any case, for the time necessary for the staff to complete any bureaucratic procedures after the event (no more than 15 days).
  • The provision of data is compulsory and any refusal will result in the failure to continue any legal relationship (including the ability to participate in the event).
  • The data will not be communicated to other parties outside the management of the event, nor will they be made public.

Filming and Photography

  • Throughout the whole convention, our internal media team will record and stream film and photo footage of the event.
  • Be aware that when our team records crowded scenes or panels, you might get filmed or photographed unnoticed. The EponaFest and Hotel staff have the rights to publish this footage at any time.
  • You should avoid entering crowded scenes that are being filmed or photographed if you don’t want to appear in the recordings.
  • If our team films or pictures a single person or small groups, they will ask for your permission first. It is your right to disagree with being filmed or pictured. Minors will be censored in any case, according to the italian law.

Rules Enforcement

  • In case of any violation, the convention staff may expel visitors from the event, deny entrance to the event or even exclude visitors from future events (blacklisting). In these cases, the ticket will not be refunded.
  • Additionally, Italian-Swiss Bronies APS may claim compensation for financial or reputational damages.
  • We may be forced to report any illegal behavior to the authorities.
  • We may also exclude visitors from the current or future events if their behavior or their attendance to our events damages our reputation. In particular, this is applicable in case of negative press reports or complaints related to such behavior.