Where are we? + Travel Guide

Last Updated: 21/10/2023

Where is Eponafest??

  • Eponafest WILL NOT BE IN MILAN!!!! New Location!
  • We are in a totally different place, by the sea and a lot more peaceful, in the beautiful Pescara, in Abruzzo!
  • More precisely, at the Pala Dean Martin of Montesilvano (PE).
  • Read below for knowing how to reach us!


Wait… Why?

  • We’ve read your feedback, we understood that the location was creating a lot of problems the convention
  • Of course, few cities have the international connections offered by Milan, but be sure that Pescara is very easily reachable! And this will allow us to ensure a bigger venue, more security, and a better convention!
  • Still worried how to get to Eponafest? No worries! Pescara has an excellent airport with international connections, reliable train connections and a highway link!

How to reach us!

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Pescara – PSR
  • Pescara has at self an Airport, the Abruzzo Airport | Pescara-Liberi. The Airport is mainly served by Ryanair, ITAirways and WizzAir.
  • Pescara is mainly a Summer-time airport, meaning that most of the flights to and from Pescara are available from May to October. Usually before December the summer flights are not available for booking.
  • Is has many destinations like Germany, Czechia, Belgium, UK, Poland, Netherlands (Eindhoven) and Romania. In Munich and Düsseldorf there are connecting flights and trains to the rest of Europe!
  • This is the best option if available, but check out below for more airports!
  • From the Airport you can catch the Pescara Airlink that passes every 20 minutes to Pescara Central Railway station (Pescara Centrale)and from the Airport! Only 1,50€! Book here*
  • *tickets for the bus are purchasable online or on the bus itself with cash and card
  • Feel free to ask directions on the Eponafest Discord or Telegram!
Pescara Flights

Pescara Direct connections

Ancona – AOI
  • Didn’t find your best flight on Pescara? Don’t worry, we have plenty of options!
  • Although it’s 150km from Pescara, Ancona Airport | Marche Airport it’s only a 1/1h and 30m train ride from Pescara!
  • Ancona, like Pescara, it’s a Summer-time airport, meaning that most of the flights to and from Ancona are available from May to October. This airport is mainly served with EasyJet, RyanAir and Aeroitalia.
  • Ancona features many destinations, manly Munich, Wien, Düsseldorf, Paris, Krakow and London!
  • From Ancona to Pescara you can catch the Bus to Ancona Central Railway station for 5€ and then catch any train going to Pescara! (on the timetables is “Pescara” or “Pescara C.le)”*
  • Alternatively, you can catch the train from Ancona airport, it has a Railway station but it’s not that served, we reccomend the bus because it’s in connection with every flight at AOI.
  • *Note: We strongly advice to book in advance via Trenitalia Website for the best fare available for trains.Summer trains are usually available for booking from April.
  • Feel free to ask directions on the Eponafest Discord or Telegram!
Ancona Flights

Ancona direct connections

Rome – FCO or CIA
  • Wait… Rome it’s like far from Pescara and quite a strange option to put in this list?
  • Well… Pratically no! Because Pescara and Rome are only 2h of travel time!
  • Without a doubt, Rome has all the flights you can dream of, from Fiumicino Airport or from Ciampino Airport!
  • All the busses in Rome depart from Roma Tiburtina Bus Terminal or from Fiumicino Airport
  • The main operators from Roma to Pescara are: Itabus,Flixbus and Dicarlo Bus giving it nearly a hourly service from 4 to 22!
  • There’s also a Railway between Roma Tiburtina and Pescara, but it’s slower, with at least 3h and 30m of Travel time. We advise to take the bus, but there’s the option for train. Route operated by Trenitalia
  • This route is really recommend if you need to take specific flights to bigger airports OR cheaper cheaper flights (mainly from Ciampino Airport)
  • Feel free to ask directions on the Eponafest Discord or Telegram!
Rimini – RMI
  • Honorable mention for Rimini | San Marino Airport!
  • Manly taking all the remaing flights from Ancona, it has many destinations around europe.
  • We don’t recommend to take a flight to and from here but choose Ancona or Rome instead, but this is still a considerable option.
  • Located in the city center of Rimini with a quick and short bus ride you can arrive to Rimini central railway station and catch a direct high-speed train to Pescara! While booking in advance can be really cheap. The travel time is just 2h and 30m
Perugia – PEG
  • Another Honorable mention for Perugia | Umbria Airport!
  • It’s treated like a backup airport for Ancona and Rimini, not a lot of flights depart from here
  • We decided to put in here because, with resonable planning before, it’s a fesable option if a flight that interest you departs from here.
  • As far as we know, the only bus operator to and from Perugia is Flixbus with a travel time of 3h and 30m.


  • The main railway station in Pescara is “Pescara Centrale” (“Pescara C.le” in timetables)
  • Pescara C.le is served with Regional/Local (“REG”), Intercity (“IC”), Night Intercity (“ICN”) and high-speed Frecciarossa (“FR”/”AV”) trains!”
  • Long-haul trains have destinations from all around Italy! Direct trains to/from: Bologna, Bari, Taranto, Venice, Milan, Turin, Rome and Ancona. Local trains can take you to beautifull places like Sulmona, Avezzano or Tivoli!
  • There’s no direct connection to and from Europe from Pescara train station BUT there are connecting scheduled trains for NightJets from Ancona, Rimini or Bologna C.le
  • As you may have read upper here in this page, we are in another city slightly north of Pescara, called Montesilvano
  • Montesilvano has his Railway station and you can catch a train from Pescara to Montesilvano for just 1,5€! Eponafest from there is just a short walk!
  • Feel free to ask directions on the Eponafest Discord or Telegram!
Trains connections in the area.


  • So, you’re thinking about car trip, huh? Well, getting your favorite piece of junk at EponaFest is very easy, just keep reading!
  • Pescara is one of the main municipalities in Italy, and has an excellent highway link.
  • To get to our location you will’drive along along the beautifull A14(/E55) “Autostrada Adriatica” (“The Adriatic Highway”) all the way to the exit of “Città S. Angelo – Pescara Nord”; after that, continue toward the city center, or the sea, it’s the same.
  • There are no restrictions or limitations to the categories of vehicles that can enter inside the city, so yes, even that pile of scrap metal you’re callin’ car can enter the city. Moreover, the location has a huge park, totally free, so no worries!
  • Do you have an LPG or methane car? No problem, there’s a fuel station dedicated to you just outsite the Highway
  • Again, do you have an electric vehicle? We got you covered! There’s a recharge station just for you!
  • Any questions, issues, difficulties? No problem, just write to us and the members of our staff will be happy to help you bring you and your wheeled trap at destination!

Bus (from Europe)!

  • We don’t really advice this option… but it’s an option!
  • There are extraordinarily a lot of options in terms of busses.
  • There are busses from Pescara to Stuttgart, Frankfurt, Slovenia, Croatia…
  • Long but very inexpensive trips! And if you are willing to change busses from all around Italy! (coming from Europe)
  • The most notable are Flixbus, for mainly the Pescara-to-all-of-Italy-part
  • And MarinoBus, for Pescara-to-Europe-part
  • Most long-haul busses depart from “Pescara Terminal” that is in the central railway station. Some busses can depart from “Pescara Nord” that is just on the Right of Eponafest!
  • Feel free to ask directions on the Eponafest Discord or Telegram!

From the Pescara Area to the Venue

From the Airport

There are mainly three ways from the Airport to the Venue

  • Pescara Airlink: A direct bus coincident with (mostly) all the flights to and from pescara central railway station for just 1,50€! You can directly buy a ticket inside the bus with cash or credit cards! From the central railway station is the super-frequent bus “2/” from Pescara directly to the Convention! The final destination of the bus is Eponafest!
  • Direct Bus: Line 38 of the local busses will take you from the Airport directly to Montesilvano Railway station, from there is a short 10min walk to the Convention! The Pala Dean Martin!
  • Taxi: Wait… a taxi? isn’t that super expensive?? Well, not here! If for some reason you don’t find any connection from the Airport to Pescara or the Venue in all of the Pescara and Montesilvano Area, the maximum fare is 20€
From the Railway station (Pescara Centrale)
  • Bus: From the central railway station is the super-frequent bus “2/” from Pescara directly to the Convention! The final destination of the bus is Eponafest! But every bus to and from Montesilvano is good! it’s a small city.
  • Train: You can take a regional/local train to Montesilvano railway station for 1,50€! From there is just a short 10min walk.

This will be a bunch of useful links for every necessity!