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Last Updated: 01/2024

  • Eponafest 2024 will happen in PESCARA!, at the Pala Dean Martin of Montesilvano!
  • Yes, we know, you all love the gray landscapes of Milano but we thought that the seashore would be much more appealing!
  • Read below to learn how to reach us and don’t forget your sunscreen!


How to reach us!

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Your best solutions with airplanes are:

N.B. Sometimes the cheapest destination is not also the nearest one; before renouncing to an amazing vacation, remember that both airports in Rome have direct connections with Pescara via Bus, and plus you could enjoy your trip by spending some time in Rome and then come to us via Bus or Train.

Rome Fiumicino or Ciampino
  • If you come from Europe, always check those two destinations. Most of the times, if you book the flights early, you’ll cut very good deals with companies like EasyJet and Ryanair.
  • After that, you can choose between a seat on a Direct Bus going in Rome, or to have an authentic carbonara and take a Train or Bus.

Pescara – PSR
  • Pescara is the nearest airport destination, although not always the cheapest. Check it if you want to have the easy trip.
  • From this destination, we suggest you to take the Bus link to the venue.
  • The time you’re gonna save with this solution could be spent to visit the region and experience more italian culture!

Ancona – AOI
  • You alredy considered Rome but still wish to travel? This is the destination for you.
  • From here, you can take the bus AND the train to get to Pescara, or rent a car and have a roadtrip on the seaside. Like in american road movies, but with more road curves!

Trains and Bus!

  • We suggest this solution if you’re alredy in Italy!
  • If that’s your favorite kind of trip, go to the link section and check for your best solution, just remember to set as destination “PESCARA CENTRALE (Pescara C.le)”.
  • From there you can take a regional train or a local bus to Montesilvano for just 1.50€.


  • Take your car, take your Smartphone, click on the link here (it will take you to the exact location on Google Maps).
  • Load your car, take your friends and have a nice (and safe) roadtrip!


Coming soon…

Getting to the Venue…

…From the Airport
  • Pescara Airlink: A direct bus coincident with (mostly) all the flights, to and from Pescara central railway station for just 1,50€! You can buy a ticket directly inside the bus with cash or credit card. At the central railway station, you can take the super frequent bus “2/” that will bring you directly to the Convention. The final destination of the bus is Eponafest!
  • Direct Bus: Line 38 of the local busses will take you from the Airport directly to Montesilvano Railway station. From there, it’s a short 10 min walk to the Convention! The Pala Dean Martin!
  • Taxi: Wait… a taxi? Isn’t that super expensive? Well, not here! If, for some reason, you don’t find any connection from the Airport (pretty hard…) to get to Pescara or the Venue, and mostly to all of Pescara and Montesilvano Area, the maximum fare is 20€.
…From the Railway station (Pescara Centrale)
  • Bus: From the central railway station you can take the super frequent bus “2/” that will bring you directly to the Convention. The final destination of the bus is Eponafest!
  • Train: You can take a regional/local train to Montesilvano railway station for 1,50€! From there, it’s just a short 10 min walk.

There’s a bunch of links, useful for every necessity!