Hello Everycreature,

If you’re here and haven’t met us yet, we’re the Italian-Swiss Bronies behind the first international MLP convention in Italy 😍

For those already familiar with us, WELCOME BACK!!! 🎉

Last year was incredible! We’re eager to create new memories and take things to the next level with Eponafest 2024, but we need your support.

In the past years you already gifted us with an unbelievable amount of love and support and, even though that alone would be enough to make EponaFest 2024 real, we don’t want to stop there!
That’s why we decided to open a crowdfunding on GoFundMe to allow us to make this next edition an upgrade of everything we’ve done so far!

So, Everycreature, if you’d like to play a more active role in making EponaFest 2024 happen, please consider participating in our crowdfunding efforts.

Here are the rewards for contributing to the Crowdfunding:

Please note:

  • Donations are not cumulative. If an amount donated doesn’t correspond to any Tier, the closest lower Tier rewards will be obtained.
  • All tiers include having your name in the Conbook.
  • By donating €120, you’ll be getting all the rewards from the crowdfunding tiers.

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s GoFundMilli!

P.S.: Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter, Instagram, join our Telegram and Discord channels. There will be exciting announcements and surprises!