New Guest! Tw3Lv3!

Hey hey hey!!! Guess who’s back at EponaFest for the second time in a row?!

Tw3Lv3 is coming up to EponaFest to make us dance at our traditional concert!

Who’s exited?? Check at our

Art by @WaveCipher

And… we’re full of vendors!

So many of you guys wanted to have a table at EponaFest! And now we have so many vendor applications! 😍

We need to sort them now, so unfortunately we will close the vendor applications!

Thank you so much to everyone that submitted the form ❤️

The voice of Izzy, Ana Sani, comes to Eponafest!

Some of you went very close, but nobody guessed it!
Straight from Bridlewood, for the FIRST TIME IN EUROPE  we have the honour to announce IZZY’s english voice actress, Ana Sani’s presence at EponaFest 2023!
This year’s convention keeps getting better, and it’s just the beginning!

Check her out at our

Art by @LightsArt1

Meet our new Musicians! Prince, Blackened, Biscuit and Deus!

And the music keeps on coming! 🎉 🎶

We have a big announcement for a total of 4 musicians coming to Eponafest 2023!

  • Blackened Blue!
  • Biscuit!
  • Deus!
  • Prince Whateverer!

Still not enough music for you? Well, stay tuned! and checkout our 😏😍

Art by @MekBlueART