Who is Milli?

Milli is the official mascotte of Eponafest 2023! She is accompanied by her trusty drone, Arion! Let’s talk a little about ’em then!


Milli is an energetic and eccentric photographer with a passion for everything that’s weird, unusual or out of the ordinary.
Everytime she finds something that matches her interests, she will have that something photographed, at any cost. Even if it means annoying someone or going into places she really should not be in…

Luckily she has her trusty drone, Arion! Arion is a drone gifted to Milli by her parents once she decided to follow the career of photography.
Usually it helps Milli to get some better views or do panoramic shots of buildings and such, but little does she know, Arion is also built to make sure Milli does not get hurt or get in too much trouble!