Ticket Terms and Conditions, COVID-19 Regulations

To access EponaFest you will need a valid ticket and a Id document or passport.

The ticket is personal and not-transferable.

In the case of missing or incorrect information, the ticket could be considered invalid.

The staff of Italian-Swiss Bronies can decide to revoke the ticket at any time in case of non-compliance with the rules.

In the event that it is not possible to carry out the event due to Covid-19 pandemic, the ticket will be refunded.

EponaFest is a private event that will take place in Italy, for this reason it will follow the latest laws and regulations for the containment of the Covid-19 pandemic.
Conditions change regularly so it’s important to follow us on social media for all updates.

You can find the latest regulations at the following link: Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Currently, masks are mandatory for all areas of the convention. Both surgical and FFP2 masks are accepted, including other mask types that offer comparable protection (such as N95 or KN95). EponaFest staff may have masks available for you to use, but due to availability constraints or excessive demand, stock may not be enough for all attendees, so you are strongly encouraged to bring and use your own supply.

Non-compliance with health regulations will not allow you to participate in the convention.

Body temperature will be checked before entering EponaFest.

At EponaFest you are encouraged to wash your hands often and use a disinfectant gel