How to get to EponaFest?

Last Updated: 18/04/2023
If you are reading this you are a lost pony needing a little hoof for coming to our convention!
To get to EponaFest you need to reach Milan first! Click the titles below!

By Airplane 🛫

First and foremost, Milan has three major Airports:

  • Milan Malpensa
    Malpensa is the major airport of the city! Including Intercontinental Flights! Probably your best bet for taking a flight to Milan.
    When you land at Milan Malpensa airport you can follow the signs to the Airport Railway Station. When you arrive at the station there will be automatic ticket machines and a Ticket Office, ask for a ticket for the Malpensa Express Train to “Milano Centrale” Station. If you want, you can buy the paperless train ticket online on the Malpensa Express website!
    The cost of the ticket is € 13.00 one way, € 20 for a round-trip ticket (the round-trip is available only online).
    Once you have your ticket, check the timetable (MXP on the timetable) and take the train to Milano Centrale station! Don’t Worry, Milano Centrale station is the last stop.
  • Milan Linate
    Linate is the closest to the heart of Milan, it’s only 7km from the city center! It’s an easy bet!
    After you land at the airport, follow the signs for the Metro line M4, when you’re there you can buy a ticket for only 2,20€ and it’s valid on all the transports of Milan!
    After you bought your ticket, take the train to Dateo Metro Station, After you arrived, switch tracks and take the urban train S1 to Milano Rogoredo! Welcome to Milan!
  • Milan-Bergamo Orio al Serio
    Orio al Serio is the most distant airport from Milan, since it is actually located in Bergamo. Don’t worry, this won’t be a problem, but we advise you to choose a closer airport as your flight destination.
    When you land at Milan-Bergamo Orio al Serio head for the Bus Stops. When you arrive you can buy the ticket to Bergamo Station from the automatic ticket machine! Otherwise, you can buy the ticket from the Bergamo Tourist Office. The cost of the bus ticket is €2.60. Once you have the ticket, hop on Bus Line 1 or Line 814 for “Bergamo F.S.”, and you’ll arrive at the Central Station of Bergamo.
    Once you’re there, head to a Ticket Office and ask for a ticket for the Regional Train to “Milano Centrale” Station. You can also use the automatic ticket machines of “Trenitalia” and/or “Trenord” to buy your ticket, just select “Milano Centrale”. You can also buy a paperless train ticket on the Trenitalia or Trenord websites, there’s no difference between the two. The cost of the train ticket is €5.60. Make sure you buy a Regional ticket!
    Once you have the ticket, check the timetable (RE o R on Italian Timetables) for your train, hop in and enjoy the ride!
By Train 🚉

Milan has two Major International Train Stations: “Milano Centrale” and “Milano Porta Garibaldi”.

  • Milano Centrale
    Milano Centrale is the central and major Station of Milan, all the trains to Italy and the rest of Europe depart from there. From here you can reach major Italian tourist destinations, like Genoa, Rome, Naples, Bologna, Turin, Bari, and Venice! As you can see, here in Italy the preferred way to travel is the train!

  • Milano Porta Garibaldi & Milano Rogoredo
    Milano Porta Garibaldi & Milano Rogoredo are the major suburban stations of Milan, you can get easily from there to the rest of Lombardy! Also some long-distance Italian and International trains stop there, such as the night trains to Austria and Germany and the French TGV.

Buy a ticket for your preferred train vector and reach Milan! In Italy the national train operator is “Trenitalia”, you can buy some international tickets on their website.

By Car 🚘

In Milan, there are very strict regulations about the cars that can enter. The city is divided in two areas: B and C. EponaFest is located near the highway, area B.
In this area, vehicles Euro 5 and 6 gasoline can always enter the city, same as LPG, methane, bifuel and electric vehicles.
Your vehicle doesn’t respect these restrictions? No worries!
It’s not absolutely prohibited for other cars to enter the city, but there could be tickets to be paid in order to enter and park.
Please consult this website to check if your vehicle can enter without any restriction. Scared? No need to be! The urban area named “Area B” has signs visible at the exit of the highway.
Remember, all the city zones of Milan doesn’t have physical obstacles (like moving barriers), but they have cameras to assure the respect of the rules.
To find us, just enter the address of the location (Starhotels Business Palace, Via Privata Pietro Gaggia, 3 20139 Milan) in your preferred car route app and follow the indications. It’s near the Highway exit S.Donato/Rogoredo Stazione at the A51/A1 Intersection.
Unfortunately, parking space at the hotel itself is limited, so please check your parking options in advance (also in this case, no worries; it’s usually possible to find a park on the roads near the location).
You still don’t know how to get here? Are you confused? Are you asking yourself why the heck did you decide to get that piece of junk instead of a train? Just chill! Feel free to contact us for more infos!

Now I’m in Milan! Where’s EponaFest? 🦄

Now that you’re in Milan reaching our convention is very very easy! EponaFest is at the Starshotel Business Palace.

  • From Milan Centrale Station or Milan Duomo
    When you arrive at Milano Centrale Station or the Milan Duomo, head for the Metro (The sign of the Metro is big and red, with a white M).
    Now, you need to buy your ticket. You have two options: you can use the automatic ticket machines, or if you have a contactless credit card you can skip the line and pay directly at the ticket barrier. The ticket it’s only € 2,20.
    When you’re in, head for the Yellow Metro Line (M3) towards “San Donato”.
    Take the Metro and enjoy the ride! You need to exit at the “Porto di Mare” metro stop.
    EponaFest is right in front of the Metro stop.
  • From Milano Porta Garibaldi Station
    From Porta Garibaldi, you have two options: you can take the Green Line (M2) towards “Centrale FS” and change there to the Yellow Line (M3) towards “San Donato”, then you’ll need to exit at “Porto di mare” metro stop. EponaFest is right in front of the metro stop! You can change the metro line without buying a new ticket.
    Alternatively, from Milano Porta Garibaldi you can take the suburban train to Milan Rogoredo. You can buy an urban ticket with the automatic ticket machines of “Trenord” inside the station for € 2. The suburban lines that will take you to Milan Rogoredo are the S1 in the direction of “Lodi”, the S2 in the direction of “MI. Rogoredo” and S13 in the direction of “Pavia”.
    When you are in Milan Rogoredo you can take the Yellow Metro Line (M3) with the same ticket in the direction of “Comasina”. You’ll need to exit at the “Porto di Mare” stop.
    EponaFest is right in front of the metro stop!
  • From Milano Rogoredo Station
    From here, you could take a 10-minute walk to EponaFest. It’s very close to the convention.
    Alternatively, you can follow the signs to the big red M for the Metro and buy your ticket at the automatic ticket machines for € 2,20, or, if you have a contactless card, you can pay directly at the ticket barrier.
    Take the Yellow Metro Line (M3) in the direction of “Comasina” and exit at “Porto di Mare” metro stop. EponaFest is right in front of the metro stop!
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